Lake Malaren Golf Club
Address No.6655, Hutai Rd, (9 Lake Meilan Rd) Shanghai
Course Information
Designer Peter Thompson
No of holes  36 Holes
Par/Length 72 / 7,266 (Forest),72 / 7,248 (Lake)
On course traffic Cart
007 Booking Hotline (852) 2180 2963 (Office Hour) or mail to [email protected]
Scorecard - Forest
Scorecard - Lake
Practice green

Club is built at the Shanghai new area - North Europe Town, 30 mins from downtown city and 50 mins from Putong International Airport. It was opened at September 2004 with 36 holes and 5 stars hotel facilities. And had been chosen as the venue of Strait Cup 2006.

Club facilities& Services

Clubhouse and Hotel is large and comfortable equipped with spacious restaurant, big locker rooms, food is good and services is outstanding, the hotel rooms are big with a balcony overlooking the course, plasma TV...., you can also find a Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, shops, business centre, kids corner, hair & beauty salon, spa, massage & foot massage in the hotel. This big fish tank with 888 fishes will sure draw your attention once you enter the hotel.


2 courses : Lake course is comparatively easier, wider fairways, bigger greens, less sloping. Forest course is more difficult with tighter fairways, greens are small and more undulations, a bit more bunkers at the landing area. Both courses are featured with uneven lie but rough is cut short but trees are very closely planted which can be costly if one go wayward.

Course maintenance

Tip top conditions, reasonable fast greens, white sand, big & beautiful contrast with the brownish dormant rough during winter. Looks like as if playing on a desert course at the first glance.

Play video, green condition

Caddie Services

I played 3 games there and had 3 different caddies, two of them are perfect with no complaint. Good course knowledge and lot of smile.

Hole by Hole
Forest Course
# 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8 # 9
# 10 # 11 # 12 # 13 # 14 # 15 # 16 # 17 # 18
Lake Course
# 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8 # 9
# 10 # 11 # 12 # 13 # 14 # 15 # 16 # 17 # 18
007 Rating

This is a very well managed club, every little details are all being taken good care of, for example, they provide hot ginger tea at the starter and on course during cooler weather, Midway Houses are large and comfortable, mobile kiosk make sure you get what you want when needed, mirror in the buggy so that you can make sure your caddie is ready and wont drop her somewhere.

Stickers marked on each bottle of water that you wont pick the wrong one, an excellent idea of providing a waiting area to avoid disturbing players to teeing off. Wind direction & speed indicator on every teebox. Direction indicator to teeoff....etc ;

You will also see these signs everywhere because the club had done a lot to protect the envirnoment. The view of the course is nice but still need a year ot 2 to mature, some old shanghai Style houses can be found which makes the scenery very different from Guangdong area. Both courses are interesting to play, if you looking for a leisure game with less stress, Lake course will be your choice. Forest course is bit more challenging and have much satisfaction if you can conquer it.

Course maintenance, is probably one of the best I played in China, not many courses can maintain such a high standard during winter time.

If you want to appreciate the good work from your caddie by tipping her, I'm sorry, they will refuse to take even a penny from her a drink & give her a good rating at the club instead.

Both club and hotel facilities are very adequate. Food is very inexpensive, a nice Spaghetti only cost me RMB28 in the 5 stars hotel, grat value for money!
The club has planned to build another 18 holes East course shortly.
Conclusion : Impressive! both hardware and software are excellent. Well worth for an Ace. 3/06

Difficulties : Lake Course(White tee) Forest Course (White tee)
Club facilities & services  
Course maintenance
Caddie services