The wow-factor at Clearwater Bay is restored with this swinging par-five. From a hugely elevated teeing position, you can either take on the carry over jungle, which will leave a mid-iron approach, or you can stay right (and safety) and plod your way to the green from there. From the blue tee to the bunker in the middle of the shot is around 260 yards making it possible to take it on if the wind is at your back. We believe the great Seve Ballesteros had a bit of a nightmare at this hole the last time he visited. Not surprisingly, we did too!
一個靚洞,開波唔建議太博(因為見好多球手出事入山谷...包括007同箸名球手Seve Ballesteros !) ,最好向右打,lay up同用短桿上。