Jaw-droppingly spectacular hole. Since the renovation of the course, the tee on this par-four has been brought back over 40 yards and now the drive must be played away from the cliff rather than over it. It wasn't very tough before, but now it's an absolute brute. The fairway bunkers on the right can only be carried with an exceptional drive so the smart play is to stay left the whole way. The difficulty of this hole, like many at Clearwater Bay, really depends on the wind. Could be anything from a pitching wedge to a 3-iron for your second. Like the 14th at Kau Sai Chau North, this is as unforgettable hole. 超靚的一個球道,未改之前'較'易但現時長左40多碼再唔可以飛過前面的小谷 ,只可以靠左打。 如有大風的話就上天保佑你。