Hole #9 - Par 4 - water left and Hole #1 fairway on the right. There is a cart path that cuts across the fairway about 260 - 270 yds from the blue tees. Beware if youre a big hitter. I'd play the tee shot right centre to take the water out of play. The second shot is not entirely over water, but there's water on the right and left.
You can land the ball short of the green, although its not very wide. It could be considered if you do not have the length. If you do not hit a good tee shot, you may consider laying up short of the cart path because trying to go for the green from a bad position could spell major touble! Left is no good (cart path) because the ball will roll off the cart and into the water, there's no place for it to stop at all. Large bunker front right 6-7 foot deep in some places. Beyond the green is OK provided that youre no more than 5 yards off.