# 9, par 5, black tee 548, blue 496, white 468, red 440 yards. Index 3.


Give it a rip off this tee. This short par-5 is potentially reachable with a good drive. The ravine in front of the tee requires a carry of some 200 yards to make the landing area. If you're going to try and reach in two the green, which can only be seen from 120 yards in, you need to aim a lot further left than it appears. OB lurks on the right of the putting surface. Definitely worth checking which line to take with your caddie.

掂左? 落在大堂中央,不過仲有240 - 250 碼先到在山下的果嶺。有冇興趣用下三木? 想小心就要lay up,因為睇唔到個果嶺就冇必要搏。